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    Thinking about buying a polaris need help

    All I used to have a MSX 140. I bought it brand new in 2003. I lost the ski in a crash out of water towing it to a lake. My wife and I loved the ski and would like to get another MSX 140. My concern is since Polaris stopped making watercraft is it going to be a problem when the ski needs work or parts. I don't want to buy a ski then it go to the waste side cause it can't be fixed. Please feel free to chim in with any feedback. Also what is a comparable ski to the MSX 140 in a different brand???

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    I have a 2004 MSX 140, and a 2002 Virage TXi. Parts availability is generally not a problem, especially online.

    Servicing can be an issue, unless you are OK doing it yourself, or happen to have a dealer nearby that still works on fuel injected Polaris PWC.

    Service manuals and lots of help is available here.
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    The 2003 MSX 140 had some first year teething issues which were mostly resolved in successive service bulletins, and the 2004 version had fewer issues.

    There really is no directly comparable PWC, in terms of weight, hull design, and cost.

    There are four stroke engined PWC models from other brands, which are generally more expensive and heavier.

    I would guess the Yamaha FZS is similar in hull design and seats 3 people, as does the Sea-Doo RXT.

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