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Thread: 09 ultra 260lx

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    09 ultra 260lx

    Iím a new member and wanted to introduce myself. I recently purchased an 09 Ultra 260 LX and have just tipped the 15 hour mark. I previously had a STX12F which I bought not knowing how I would take to the hobby. Well I liked it so much that 2 years later i grabbed the 260lx.
    This thing has some serious nads!

    Any recommendations? It is always garage kept and flushed/washed after each day on the water. So far Iíve only taken it to the Chesapeake and Severn, South rivers but will be going to the ocean in a few weeks and am toying with the idea of bringing it with me.

    Ive made one long haul trip and it did great. The scalloped seats actualy worked very well for comfort.

    !!!!! Ultra 260 LX !!!!!!

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    Welcome to GH.
    Congrats on new ride!

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    When riding in ocean I follow this shampoo rule


    Just kidding, however do like you mentioned above and look on here how to do the S/C fogging mod. Search button "friend"

    Welcome to GH

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    SMOKEBUCKET: Welcome, and congrats.
    I also just picked up a 260LX, just yesterday in fact. I got to race my buddies 260X for the Long Beach to Catalina Island Race a few weeks ago, and was so impressed, I was HOOKED. I love the bright red, blue, green colors. But I knew the bolstered seat would actually work better for my race riding. Now that I've got the LX, silver is growing on me.
    I got a chance to take it out on it's maiden voyage today. I am so STOKED!! Can't wait to hold that throttle open.
    I see you've just hit 15hrs. Any issues?? Hope all is well.

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    So far so good! (knocking on wood) Im not as experienced as most here in terms of building and tuning engines so Im in no way the one to critique the ins and out of the motor. But so far I am very impressed with this thing from the hole and on top end, granted im not racing in competitions. But either way this ski tears ass across the water straight from the box.

    The Silver makes it such a sleeper from a distance, then you get up close and see what your up against . Again im not a comp racer but it does its share of dusting everyone I ride with

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