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    looking for 2001 xp silver carb 947-951 motor

    customers boat. motor ripped front mount out of inside of hull and torn a hole all the way thru to the keel. i was told it ALMOST sank. well after some serious repair work on the hull and drilling and tappin broken bolts, studs, etc. gathering all the fasteners,(customer took motor out and lost all nuts and bolts) new vts system with linkage etc. anyways, got some time and money into this thing. tried to crank motor over, no good, so im like ok battery is dead, charge battery, try again, no go, so i pull the motor and pull the head, some rust, ok give it some penetrating lube and let it sit for a day. no go, so i pull the carbs and reeds and about a gallon of water is sitting in the case halves. for 3 YEARS!!! so even if it does turn over by hand, at the minimum crank is shot. so i am looking for a motor for this ski . let me know what u got . and how much

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    no motor for you but had to say at one time it sounded scrapping it would have been the right thing to do!
    a buddy has a 98 XP that was never running after being filled with water 2 years ago and never called back when I told him a minimum of $1500 to fix it.

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