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    What to look for on 98 XP Limited.

    A buddy of mine is looking at a 98 XP limited with 65 hours on it and recently rebuilt carbs. Im going to go with him because he doesn't know anything about them. What should I look for when its on the trailor and while im test driving it and what are some common issues that these models have, if any. I'm also going to take my gps with me so what top speed should I be hitting? Thanks in advance.

    PS- I tried using the search but cant get anything.

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    Here is a decent thread on what to look for:

    Stock it should GPS at approximately 60 to 62 mph.

    One common problem is that the stock grey fuel lines deteriorate on the inside and plug up the carb filters, etc. If it still has the grey fuel lines I would replace them right away.

    Dan (drb)

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    Thanks man.

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