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    02 xlt want start

    It's not getting power to starter, can here it click at the PCM but no power comin out. Got 12 Volts going in nothing coming out. It just died after 5 min of riding any ideas on what to test

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    check the rectifier wires,thats what happened to mine,it just died while riding a few times.

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    no thats not it im not getting power to the starter
    the relay is clicking but no power coming out to starter, possible relay is bad as far as engine goes #3 cyl no compressoin order a top end from sbt the ski only has 39.5 hrs,

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    If you cant get it to turn over how are you checking compression when my ski did the same thing the battery was bad take it to the auto parts store let them check it for free.

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    jumping across relay it turns over

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    Sounds like you need a starter solenoid. My 1200 XLT would click but would not turn starter. I replaced and it works fine. Whats going on with your 3rd cyl?
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