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    Wear Ring Part #


    Need your help here...I'm replacing my wear ring impeller yada yada and trying to locate the correct part number for the wear ring. So far I found a half dozen that seem to supersed each other. I also looked at a few different microfiche parts finders and even more confused.

    I guess what it sounds like is that they beefed up the rings with Chamfered wear rings (P/N 267 000 372) and
    (P/N 267 000 374) so if you guys already did the legwork on this I would appreaciate any help you could provide.


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    What boat? what is the original part number?

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    <slap> That would help. It's a 2007 Speedster 215. I'm not sure of the original part number as the ring has been replaced once already and I know at that time the dealer couldn't find the original part # as it supersedes to another thus all the confusion.

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    I have an 07 Speedster 200, the part number listed is 267000105, it was replaced by 267000372. I had the replacement part # in my boat as an original......the new *372 was identical to what I replaced. It works fine.


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    Thanks, thats what I needed.

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