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    anyone ever replace a pump shoe?

    mine is cracked right in the middle of the tunnel.. i think it happend when my grate was ripped out from underneath it...

    also thinking this is the main factor for water getting into my hull...

    so how hard are these to replace?

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    It is a pig of a job but not too difficult to do .The hardest part is cleaning up all the surfaces to reseal the new shoe back on.
    First point is not to loose the shims that are between the shoe and the hull behind where the pump bolts up to.
    Remove pump, scoop grate ,vts,steering cable,internal hoses at rear of shoe etc so as to allow to get the internal nuts from the inside of the hull 4 only.
    Take a long box cutter knife or any long skinny blade and cut through the sealant that is there,look on the new shoe to see where you have to position the blade and start cutting away.
    You wont be able to cut through all of the sealant so you will have to pull the shoe off as best as you can.I tie a rope around the shoe and onto a length of timber and levered off the rear bumper until it comes off.
    Clean it up around the hull as best as you can and reseal it back on using the shims that came out,I use black Sikaflex to seal it but be sure to seal all around the edges well so you dont cause cavitation inside the pump.Re-assemble everything the next day after the sealant has set and your good to go.

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