I have a 2000 LS 2000 jet boat. It was sunk a few years ago and two new engines were installed (prior to me getting the boat). I just launched it for the first time yesterday. It started and ran ok on the trailer, I launched it at the marina and idled it out of the no-wake zone. When I eased into the throttle, the both engines died. After that, I had a hard time restarting them (had to use choke) but could never get it into gear without at least one engine cutting out. Once I pulled it out of the water, it started and sounded good on the trailer.

I spoke with the dealer who replaced the engines. He said that when he winterized the boat, he fogged the engines a lot because they were new. Based on his suggestion, I changed the plugs, checked the fuel filters, and tried again today but, had the same issue. I also noticed today when I tried to accelerate over 2000 RPM, the oil light would start blinking just before the engines would stall.

Any suggestions?