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    no beep "12v low"

    i get no beep and it flashes 12volt low then when i press the start button the screen goes away adn the engine deosn't turn over and then i remove the key and put it back on and it does it all over again. this is on a 98 gtx limited
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    Yup, been down that road. I wanted it to be anything easy but it ended up being my stator. You should start there and test it. If it is the stator and your ski for some strange reason might be like mine and has a mag cup, also check the crank bearings. What happened with mine was that the crank bearings had worn out so much that there was enough play in there to make the mag cup (which is on the crank) move just that little bit and come into contact with the stator. It wasn't long after that happened that the stator melted down from the friction of the contact.

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    If you have a fully charged fresh Battery then the check the DC Voltage *at* the battery while idling and on the water hose for engine cooling. Should be approx. 13.5vdc and not fluctuate too much when you increase the rpm.
    If it is below that, then check the AC output of the Magneto (Yellow to Yellow wire) which will vary with rpm. Also test each Yellow Magneto output wire to Ground to be sure their is *no* continuity without the engine running.

    If that is all OK, then the problem is most likely the part in between,, your Rectifier/Regulator Module.


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