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    Thumbs down 2001 ZXI 1100 brand new everything, wont run

    Help me, please. I have a 2001 zxi 1100 and I rebuit everything, new crank new bored cykinders with wsm top end kit all new gaskets, new boysen reeds, new fuel pump, cleaned the hell out of the carbs. The thing will start up after being primed and will idle a little. If you pull the throttle it stalls. once in a while if you rev it right after you start it will rev up pretty high only to bog after you let off it to long. And today I had it do something really wierd, it started reving on its own so I pulled the tether, and it kept running. Anyone have some knowledge on this? What should I do? Throw it away!! Because its been 2 months since I started this whole project, and I still cant ride the dam thing. I should probobly get out of this sport before ever getting into it. I yet to take the thing out on a sunny day and experience jet skiing.

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    have you adjusted your idle screws? Have you checked compression? Did you check your pop-off on your carbs? Have you checked to see if you have good spark?
    If your having those kinds of issues, just start with the basics and see where it gets you.

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    I think he has been thru about everything....

    If you fired it up and rev it and it continued to run up then it's leaning out for some reason.

    In example air leak....Like when the motor was rebuilt it may not have been tourqued right....

    Although as many times as you have tried to get it going if there was an air leak I would have thought it would have done that along time ago.

    How about the it the same...??


    Was it trued ...

    Tell ya what a twisted crank will drive ya nuts....I lost about 200rpms on my triple pipe it was from the crank finally twisting enough to where it would not run right at all.

    I have even come across some that where bad enough to where they just dont run hardly at all. But it is a real rare instance that you would get something like that.

    But at this point ya never know.

    Whats the deal with the crank new....?? Rebuilt..? Or the same one...??

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    It was rebuilt by a guy from staten Island

    Thanks again for responding guys. Im still not getting anywhere. Maybe I can just come on here an talk to guys that have running jet skis, Ill just live vicariously through you guys. So tell me whats it like to have a jet ski..... Well on that runs anyway?

    Anyway, I found the guy on ebay selling rebuilt cranks. With a 1 or 2 year garentee. How would I ever know if he sold me a bogus one? He got it to me in a few days and it was packaged professional. My buddy that is a race bike mechanic inspected it when I assembled it thought it was alright. He was the one that told me I needed the new one.

    My mechanic buddy has all the professional snap on tools and we did torque everything properly from the manual I have. We even used kawasaki crank case seal for the crank case.

    As far as pop off pressure have.... I have no clue. I havent checked that. If I have been in and out of these carbs and everything is in tacked why would I have to screw around with the carbs.

    This airleak thig has gotten me thinking, where could it be leaking, the base carb gaskets? The carb has been in and out about 8 times, they seem to be in pretty good condition. Could the crankcase be leaking somewhere?

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    pour a little fuel down the carbs and see if it revs for a second. if it does you got you pulse line hooked wrong or fuel pump not put together right

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    Losing my mind

    It does rev when I do that. pulse line is hooked up to that "symbol looking thing" on the fuel pump on the side of the carb. The supply to the "in" and the return is on the tube that runs along the top all the carbs. I just spent a ridiculous amount of money for a SBT rebuild fo the fuel pump, and am pretty sure I did it correctly. I also noticed that the rear cylinder is getting pretty hot, like almost to hot to touch.

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    if it runs when you pour raw fuel in the carbs, then your motor is probly the last place I would start looking. the carbs is probly your issue! empty the fuel filter then crank the motor and see if it sucks fuel back into the filter to find out if your fuel pump is even working?

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    Quote Originally Posted by offroadinjersey View Post
    And today I had it do something really wierd, it started reving on its own so I pulled the tether, and it kept running. Anyone have some knowledge on this?
    This condition is called a "runaway engine". It's caused from a lean condition. If you pull the choke when it does this the engine should shut down. The ski would be doing well to run at all without pouring fuel into the carb when there is such a lean condition going on. If you have any doubts about the gaskets on the carbs pick up some CNH (Case New Holland) Anaerobic Flange Sealant and add that to both sides of the gaskets. It is possible that the crank case halves might have an air leak, it depends on the conditions of how they were assembled. If there were any dings on the sealing surfaces or they were not cleaned with brake clean before adding a sealant. The gasket might have been pinched by the locating pins and ripped. It's also possible that there is a small cut in the crank seals if they rubbed agaist the keyway or maybe a burr on the crankshaft.

    The base gasket might have taken on some damage from locating pins or uneven surfaces. Also the intake manifold gasket might be the issue. It's not very likely that the base has an uneven surface but it is possible that the cylinders do at either end. Typically if that were to happen it would happen on the top, the head might be warped too. This all needs to be inspected on a surface table before assembly. But I believe it to be an air leak.

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    on a lean runaway you pull the lanyard then open the throttle wide open. Pulling the choke works on very few applications. a engine that has a lean problem from leaking cases and bad gaskets oil seals blown completly out etc. will still run you can just pull the choke a little or pump the primer and away you go.

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    Angry motor sounds good and revs out clean in the water

    So I took it to the lake today and drove it around. I will get up and go pretty much up to 7000 rpm and stay there. I couldnt really keep it up there because the lake was busy and it starts to porpose. but I can go steady at like 4000 rpm(25-30mph) no prob, its just that I have to play with the choke to limit the air intake, thats the only way it will idle. At slow speeds it wants to stall unless I choke it a little. Otherwise it ripped right up to top speed. What the hell can I do? The motor sounds good an clean when Im on it/ It sounds like it misses a little an low speed. The minute I unchoke it going slow it will stall when I give it gas.............BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. freakin frustraing as hell.

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