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Thread: 99 Gsx-L No Vts

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    99 Gsx-L No Vts

    i searched for an answer but couldnt come up with anything
    tested the motor and its good vts worked for about 10 secs and the just clicks i saw on the older ones there is a 7.5 fuse but nothing like that i have seen on my 99 so please any help would be great

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    If its like mine it was a fuse in the MPEM I think the bottom one. Dont make the mistake I made and just assume the VTS is bad and the motor is good. I thought mine was bad and decided I would buy a new one but see what was inside the old one to go bad. Put the new one in and it still just clicked. Found the fuse was bad all that and I didnt have to buy a new one. Do your gauges work?

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    all guages work except the fuel level and the trim gauge didnt pay a ton of attention to the trim guage so not 100% it dosent work just was more focused of figuring it out..checked the fuse at the MPEM it was blown so i replaced it with another 7.5 trim worked for about 7 seconds until the fuse blew again and ideas here?

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    sounds like a loose nut behind the handlebars, check it out

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    will do 2morrow when i replace the fuel lines thanks

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