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    Please help....97 pro 785 runs then dies

    I have a 1997 pro 785 that starts just fine while it is sitting on the trailer...when i hook it up to the hose via flush kit, starts just fine soon as I launch it into the water, sometimes it wont just turns over and over....then when I do get it started, i have to give it constant throttle (not to much just enough for it to rev a lil higher than normal) and it will run until I take my finger completely off the throttle at which time it dies and sometimes wont restart. I just got this from a guy in ohio and I am in az....i did not re-tune the carbs as the elevation is close to the same....I dont know how long the gas in the tank has sat but it does not have a bad odor and I added fresh pre-mix fuel and oil to it also. Its about half tank old, half tank new....The plugs are a little black so I think it may be running a little rich....any advice or trouble shooting tips.....thanks a bunch!!!!

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    When you crank and it doesn't start, do you have spark?

    Is the battery fresh?
    A weak battery will crank but not deliver spark.

    Was it supposed to be 100% good running when you bought it?

    Click below for the service manual.

    Have you checked it over thoroughly yourself from bow to stern?

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    Gas goes bad relatively quickly, it dosent "keep well" unless fuel stabilizer is present.

    Carbs can gum up quicker from having older gas ran throu them. Who knows how old the gas was in your tank. Could be 6 months, could be 2 years.

    I'd say clean out the carbs completely, get a full tank of fresh Gas, New plugs, dial in the idle & your golden!

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