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    95 750 zxi trim...

    Just bought the zxi the trim motor and everything has been removed. They had it locked in place by drilling a hole thru the trim ring on the pump and putting a bolt thru it! it was in the full up postion rode around with the nose up. I didn't know a better way to do it so I just redid it their way had to redrill the hole used a stainless steel bolt and postioned it straight with the pump. Is there a better way? Is it worth it to try and find the parts to restore it? Also the speedo doesn't work. Whats a good starting point to getting it back up?....

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    Any other tips for removing the trim? Should I "lock in" a little down trim?

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    If it were mine, I'd fix the trim. On that hull, I think neutral to slightly up would be best, but it depends on how you load it.

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    neutral or slightly up is better, but it isnt a bad job to fix the trim... Do a search for a bunch of suggestions

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