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    GTI 130 pistons in 215

    Anybody ever try putting 130hp higher compression pistons in a supercharged engine? From what i've seen, the 130 pistons make a 10.6:1 ratio, and the 215 pistons make 8.4:1 ratio. I'm sure you would need to run race gas, but is this a feasible upgrade for the increased performance if the motor would even handle it?

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    Are those pistons cast or forged? If they are cast, they won't last very long. If they are forged, they might last a little longer... Ron

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    They are higher comp yes but they are cast compared to forged pistons in the 215/255scic engines. The stock pistons in the scic engines are real good, the the NA pistons are no where near as strong. I would just add more boost, less complicated and you wont need race fuel. R88

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    You can be suer you will broke until than 20 minutes...i know because i try the same jejejejejej.

    Donīt waste your time and your money...

    Best regards

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    from what i understand with a supercharger or turbo, you always want lower compression to work with... pref in the 8.x-9.x

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