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    Ultra 150 Jet Pump Removal

    Looks like I blew the seals and bearing in my 00 Ultra 150 pump. I am trying to remove the pump housing to get to the impeller and it is stuck damn good. I heard this is a common problem on these skis. Of the four studs, I managed to get the housing loose on the bottom two and the top left (looking at back of the ski). The top right seems stuck hard. I have tried all kinds of tools, pry bars, hydraulic speaders and anything else I have in my garage and can't seem to get it loose. Any special tool or trick that anyone out there might know?

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    You did take the two screws out of the ride plate, right?

    I used a slide hammer with some long screws to get mine off. Others have fabricated tools.

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    Looks like at OTC 7947 or 7948 slide hammer kit is the best tools that you can buy and don't have to make. I could not find one locally, but found a slide hammer and improvised a bracket. Took 4 slides and it came right off. Bad news is my previous attempts did some damage and I will probably have to replace the housing. Lessons learned. My other Ultra is probably due for a bearing soon so it will be much easier.

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