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    water/methanol injection?

    i was looking at the honda f-15x or whatever and saw that someone was going to try water methanol injection on it....well that gave me the crazy idea of what would it do on a 250x? has anybody tried or considered it yet? i know snowperformance makes a basic kit for around 300... heres a link..

    any ideas!?
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    anybody? anybody? comments? ideas? good? no good? waste of time?

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    wow looks like i stumbled on some racers secret!


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    well for one .. where are you going to find injectors big enough to handle it. 2 it takes twice the amount of methanol to do the same thing as gas. 3 where are you going to find the people to reflash the ecm to handle the amount of timing and be able to make the fuel curve work out ??? You could buy 2 more ski's for whats thats gonna cost ya. 4 methanol has a very low flash point, its extremely dangerous to mess with, in other words . If the weather conditions are just right .. static electricity will set it off like a bomb, you can't see the flames , just the heat waves from it. I know this from the years of Sprint car racing and seeing a man almost burn to death filling a tank up. I don't think its worth the cost. Your gonna have to build a all our race ski. talk to skip about it at [email protected]com .. he can give you more info.

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    He is not talking about running methanol has a fuel. He means injecting in the air stream for a much cooler intake charge. It's quite common in the forced induction performance world and works great. Click on the Snow Performance link he post in the 1st post to see what it's all about. Snow makes some of the best kits in the industry.

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    I have been running the snow system for 3 years with no problems.

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    I have asked the same in my last post... So any solution to imduce water??? It could be good ? Any increase of performance? 50 cv???

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