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    Egt Afr comparison

    was running today dialing in my boost and fuel..

    had a setting of 65 psi on my rrfpr and boost of 12psi

    my afr at WOT (about 8400), was 12... now here is the egt was 1750...

    Im pretty sure I need more air, but would love to hear if there is anyone else seeing these types of numbers...

    Now at idle i was also consistantly between 1100-1180.... just to gve you an idea of range...

    Any one know what temps the manifold bell melts at???

    I still have more testing to do so hopefully things will come down a bit?

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    from what i know....1750 is on the edge!! be carefull your close...not sure what the bell will melt at but it is much hotter than 1750.!!

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