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Thread: vx110 ?

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    vx110 ?

    I am looking at buying 2 2005 vx110 waverunners and have a few questions before I buy them. one has 100 hrs and the other 85hrs

    They are both leaking water from the metal plate that the shaft goes through. Not by the shaft but on the outside of the metal plate where their is some type of epoxy squeezed out between the fiberglass and the plate. Is this a easy fix or should I run. If I do decide to get them and fix it what all should I replace while I have everything torn down.

    One other thing one is faster than the other. will run 52 and the other 46 what could this be. Thanks for any help.

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    Were they rentals??? Most of the time when you find used VX's they were at some point rentals. I wouldn't even get involved with those ski's. just my .02

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