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    03 GTX Supercharger removel

    Any advise for removing a supercharger!!I have found the step by step intructions here on this sight. I have removed the 3 botls that hold the unit to the block. I'm able to move the SC by hitting it with a rubber mallet but not by hand at all. The 3 bolts I removed are apprx 1 1/4" long vs. the botls holding SC togather that are approx 1". Is there a 4th bolt on this year?

    I have been soaking it with penatrating oil for 2 days now. Should the unit just slide out or Im i missing a step?


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    If the SC has never been removed before and you ride in salt water, it's going to take some effort to get the SC out. Make sure that you have the right 3 bolts removed from the housing, then just twist the SC back and forth while pulling (or pushing) the SC away from the engine. Take your time and just get it to move away from the engine. Then use some anti-seize when you put the SC back on the engine... Ron

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    It should slide out-- sort of. Its a tight fit, so when tugging on it any up/down/sideways pressure can cause it to bind. I remove the ones on my Doos by gently twisting it and pulling as straight out as possible. Same goes for getting it back in-- tight fit.

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    Crowbar......gentle persuasion.

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    mine took 2 hrs or so, used blocks of wood to "tap" more like hammer the SC, rotating it clockwise, then couterclockwise, and back and forth, many times spraying penetrant in teh groove, until i could sorta rotate it without having to bang on it so hard.
    then i used a few differnt wood shingles, as wedges differnt thicknesses. and wedged them btw the SC and engine block, if you look at it you will figure out the best place to wedge them in there
    then i would hammer on the wedges to keep pressure btw the Sc and engine, and use the other hand to rotate teh SC. keep lubing as you see fresh metal
    eventually it worked out so i could see the first o ring , and it got easier and easier, and eventually pulled out the last inch by hand.
    good luck

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    Thank to all for the pointers they all worked. Especially the wood shims. Shipping off to Jerry for rebuild.

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