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    Why is my ski hanging at 3000 rpm?

    I have a 2004 gp1300r and i notice when im getting on the throttle and cruising at 5000 rpm or higher for a little distance then tottally let off the throttle my rpms stay at 3000 rpms for a couple seconds before dropping down to idle speed,my question is ,is this normal or is something not right.By the way it seems to run fine,thanks.

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    I think there was a throttle cable recal make sure it was done it might be sticking

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    Thanks,ive already had the recall done,it did it before that and still does it with new cable.

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    your rpm's won't go back to idle immediately when letting off the throttle, this is normal, think of it like your car, when u slow down your car doesn't drop to idle until its almost stopped, unless its stick of course!

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    Ya thats what i figured,it is just a little wierd though, it hangs at 3000 rpms for a little bit and the ski keeps on moving like im still giving it gas,have to be carefull when im comming up to my buddy on his ski to chat or something,it doesnt slow down right away and i have to try to always remember about this or im afraid one of these times i might accidently run into him.

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    no the revs should drop straight away there is something wrong if it doesnt my xlt nearly will put you over the handle bars if you let of the throttle fast

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    Does anybody have any ideas as to why its doing always hangs at 3000 rpms,then after a few seconds it will drop to idle,im stumped.

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    all the EFI skis will do this... the idle stepper motor keeps the plates open for a second or 2 when you chop the throttle from wide open

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    No way, thats so cool

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    Thanks for clearing this up for me WFO,atleast i know now that nothing is wrong with my ski,thanks.

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