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    what can i do

    I have a 1994 sl750 stock except for boysen reeds.a friend of mine has a 1998 seadoo 780 that runs circles around me. his is also stock.the seadoo pulls hard from bottom to top end. there is no comparison between them. is there any way to make mine run like that. i have recently rebuilt the carbs and fuel pump and the compression is good in all three cylinders. thank you in advance for the help

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    Of course there's things you can do, the question is how much do you want to spend?

    First compare yours to his. You have 80 HP, how much does his make?

    How well tuned is your ski? What kind of max RPM are you making? Should be around 6300-6500

    Easy bolt on parts that will help are:

    Aftermarket ride plate like an Ocean Pro or use a stock SLX 780 ride plate

    A Skat Trak 13/18 impeller should help with faster accel with no loss of top speed

    Pump wedge

    SS 6 vane stator for jet pump

    Extended jet pump

    Jet works valve for quicker accel

    Light weight flywheel

    Parts that need a little engine tuning:

    Free breathing Flame Arrestor

    High compression heads

    Ported cyls

    Pro 785 CDI

    44mm carbs

    Triple pipes

    Dry pipe exhaust

    Wetwolf Adjust A Thrust

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    If that thing is runnuing ok I would inspect the clearances on the pump for starters. I know how you feel I have a sl 750 and my buddies sea doo 580 runs circles around mine. I checked me pump and it is way out of spec. currently trying to find a good one.
    Good Luck

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