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    Question tcw3 oil used in seadoo 717

    I have run about 40 to 50 gals. of gas with pennzoil tcw3 blend not knowing it required api-tc. Bought seadoo use and am fairly sure previous owner used a BRP oil but do not know which.
    Question, can i siphon the majority out of the oil tank reservior and add what you would reccomend?
    Question, do i need to drain the lines,oil tank, rotary chamber,injection pump and bleed?
    Question, what BRP oil would you reccomend?
    BRP Mineral / Blend / Full Synthetic
    Some have said to run mineral others say blend.
    Gets confusing. Have had no problems with 717.
    Changed fuel lines and filters.
    How do you vacum tank and lines with shop vac.

    Any info would be appreciated. The more detail the better. Thanks for your time and info.
    Thanks again, Ronnie from north carolina

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    I would not worry about it too much. The recommended oil is for added protection and cleaner RAVE valves. No need to siphon or clear lines. Either add the oil now or let it run down to when the oil light comes on and add.

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    The right oil is Mineral. Ive been useing the same oil in my 717 since 1995 with no problems

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