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    Sl 750 help

    I need a little help on my sl 750. I cannot find what the original bore diameter was for these machines. Also what is the tolerance for the piston to bore clearance. I rebuilt a seadoo last year and believe I read somewhere that the seadoo's have tighter clearances than the polaris's do. The two good cylinders measure right around 69.49 and the bore is 69.77. If the specs are listed somewhere please just point me in that direction. If anyone has used pistons and jugs or can point me in the direction of someone that does that would greatly be appreciated as well.

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    Have you looked in the Polaris service manual?
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    Clearance depends on the piston brand you use. Specs are included with the pistons.

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    Ok the manual says .004 to .006 I take it that this is on the radius not the diameter. Am I correct of this?

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