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    Unhappy 2006 vx 110 sport

    Hi guys, I need help. I have two 2006 vx 110 sports with 19 hours on each. My wift took her ski and jamed rocks in the impeller and bent it. I took the skis it to the dealer for the recall on the cable and got a price of $525.00 to replace the impeller.
    How hard is it to replace the impeller?
    What kind impeller should I put on? looking for cheap....
    What tools do I need and how do I do it?
    What upgrades can I do that are cheap.
    The skis are hardly used and I bought them new.....

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    Easy enough

    Hey bud,

    IF you have some basic tools, and a little bit of mechanical inclination, you CAN replace the impeller yourself!

    You will need a replacement impeller (you can get them all over - I'd get a stock replacement from here, or E-Bay, or Impros).

    You will need a socket set, a torque wrench, a couple of screwdrivers, and the service manual (and a cold beverage!).

    Basics - Remove the ride plate, hoses attached to the pump, the steering arm, and that allows the pump to be freed from the ski. You remove the 4 bolts holding the pump in place, and gently work it out using the two little tabs on the pump and impeller housing.

    Once you have it out, you remove the impeller, replace with the new, and reinstall in reverse order.

    Thats the summary - NOT detail. Use the manual (you can find a link to it in the Yamaha section if you don't have one) for step by step, and torque settings, etc. But it's NOT as hard as it might seem once you jump in.......

    Good luck!

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    Shawn thank you.
    I work at a dodge dealer and I do need the specs for tork but, is there a tool a that inserts into a socket that remved the impeller from the back?
    If so, what is the part # and where do I find the link in detail to remove it sept by step?


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    Does anyone have the shop manual for the vx110 sport???

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    it is not bad to pull the pump out i can pull my pump in 5 to 10 min. you need the tool to hold the impeller shaft while you turn the prop off look in the how to for impeller removal, then new impeller and 4 bolts to put it back on i can pull my pump without removing the reverse bucket it just sits to the right side and out comes the pump.

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