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    Honda Aquatrax Start Up Maintenance Question

    I just found a 2006 Aquatrax 3 seater non-turbo that was purchased, trailered, covered and never touched from 2/2007 till now. It was stored in and out doors (depending on garage clutter).

    I have done already

    1. Battery is dead. Purchasing a new.
    2. Preparing to cyphon out the oil and replace though spotless.
    3. Have removed plugs and inspected, top of pistons look great (as should with no usage) but cannot see cylinder walls.
    4. Going to put some fog oil in cylinders prior to rotating.
    5. Gas tank had 1/2 gallon of gas and I have filled with 93 octane.
    6. Check air filter factory fresh.

    What else prior to start up should I do, and yes this ski has never been registered, nor anyhours and still has remaining extended warranty. What else should I do prior to start up.

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    Sorry no one has chimed in. The Honda site here is not too live.
    I dont really know anything about these, but from what I've read, check and lube the turbo. I guess there are a few critical lube points on this ski. I will read my manual tonight while at work and post what I find. If you have a manual, you may want to do thiss to. If you dont, I will post for you. I may scan the manual and post it as a pdf.
    I just bought a new 06 3 seater turbo 2 weeks ago. *+ hours so far.
    Wish I knew more about it so I could be more helpful. I hope you took the 1/2 gal. of old gas out. If no, with 16 additional new you should be okay. Our gas out here gums up pretty bad.

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    Did everything I list, and thanks for the imput. I also lubed the cables. No turbo so no waste gate. Spent a hour doing the break in and everything went very smooth. Thanks!

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