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Thread: GP800 Max RPM

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    GP800 Max RPM

    Does anyone know the approx max RPM on a 98 GP800. After the modications to the hull and plate and adding WE clips I want to make sure I am still pulling the required RPMs. The ski has 90 hrs on it. After adding an R&D ride plate(3/8" shimmed on rear bolts)/fixed tabs I lost about 10mph. On the speedo it originally pulled to about 63mph and now its around 53mph. I am totally happy with it cause loosing the speed is worth the handling. I just want to make sure the PV's are opening properly after installing the waveeater clips.


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    Do you have an aftermarket tachometer? The factory speedometer is TOTALLY unreliable and the tachometer though better is hard to read for accuracy. You could very well be traveling close to the same speed, but because of the way the speedometer wheel is situated you might not be turning it as fast because it is either slightly recessed by the plate or hanging lower. Either situation will cause it not to read the same as with the factory plate. If i recall, when my GP800 was stock at max speed I was turning around 7310rpms on my PET tach....that was good for about 58.6mph with R&D rideplate and grate installed.

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    7320 is what mine pulled stock on a pet2100, stock limiter is at 7450ish

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    Thanks for the reply's. I will bring my GPS this weekend to see what speed she is actually doing. Makes total sense about the speedo not reading as accurate and yes the RPM gauge is stock.

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