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    1999 Kawy Ultra 150 Wont start

    Hello I was riding the Jet SKi fine last weekend all day and I let a couple borrow it for a sec. They flipped it 5 times trying to get on and then it would not start. I tried taking the plugs out and cranking it but nothing. It will crank but it will not start. The plugs looked like they were fouled out too. Im wanting to get on this and work on it tonight after work any suggestions?

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    Check for spark at the plugs. If spark is good, then its a matter of getting the water out of the crankcase. Spray WD40 into the plug holes, and use a rag, press down on the holes while you crank the engine. This creates pressure in the cylinders to push out the water. The WD40 keeps the walls lubricated as well as displace moisture while you do this.
    When you think its dry enough, spray some carb cleaner or starter fluid in each hole. This will prime the cylinders. Replace plugs, and hit the starter.
    Good Luck.

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    If it has water in the engine, you need to fix this NOW!!! Tomorrow may be too late. It takes a day--or less-- for rust to form on the crank & bearings. This will cause failure down the road.

    After you get it started, you need to run it at least 15-20 minutes to get the moisture out of it.

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