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    metal spray protectant to keep ski in h20?

    Hi everyone!
    I am renting a house on a salt water bay in Jersey and wanted to know if there was any sort of metal protectant spray which is not permanent that I can spray on the metal/plastic below so the salt water does not eat at the metal?
    I am considering leaving it in the water for 5 days. I can pull out every day but I will be charged fees at the ramp daily and it will be much more convenient to roll out of bed and hop on the ski in the yard. The ski is water tight without leaks.
    Thanks for the replies!!

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    I would not leave it in the water for 5 day's the pump and ride plate will look like swiss cheese!!!!

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    I agree you will regret it in the end, salt will eat away at the metals and you will end up spending alot more money in the end and headaches.

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    OK, Thanks for the responses.

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    crc 656. But don't leave it in the salt for 5 days.

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