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    Getting stuck prop off Ultra 250?

    Hi all,
    Got some bearings to do a PM on my 2007 Ultra 250. When we
    opened it up the bearing next to cone was failing, 2 of the three seals
    were leaking. Ski has just at 200 hours.
    Ordered 3 seals and some forum members supplied bearings. The ID and
    OD's of bearings were correct. However the bearing closest to prop was
    not as deep as OEM, maybe 2/3 mm shorter.
    Torgued prop on at 73 ft/lbs. There was play front to back due to too
    narrow bearing.
    Now we can't get prop off. The prop seems to have screwed itself onto
    the shaft where there aren't any threads. We broke the prop tool we had.
    The shaft end that you hold with vise is getting screwed up. We had big
    pry bars and some serious HD air tools.

    Is there a better prop tool out there??

    Is it possible to sacrifice Prop and shaft and save the pump??

    Any ideas would be great!

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    i would stick to oem front bearing as we have said before (there is no substitute)
    place the prop shaft if you still can in the vise use pipe grips or similar something with an adjustable jaw hold them so the top jaw drops down in the spline section of the prop and lock the bottom jaw against the inner edge of the blade put a length of pipe over the handle and undo. simple (do not use the grips as you would normally over a peice of pipe) turn them 90deg. hope this explains it well enough as this is how i first got mine off but you cant reinstall this way as you dont have an edge to lock the jaw against. there is now a mod. for this shaft to help hold it when the bearing fails its on another site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomgtv View Post
    Now we can't get prop off.
    That's sounds familiar.

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    Riva got it off, sort of

    I was at Riva to buy a prop tool they said they had when I phoned.
    When I got there they did not have it but nicely offered to take
    it off. They did apply some kind of huge force and snapped the
    prop shaft. No problem, we were expecting something like that.
    So the "relatively free" pm of Kawa pump bearings is going to run
    $250 for a new solas prop and shaft and bearings.

    It was good though that we opened the pump up. No water in
    the cone area, however we saw black grease on the rear bearing, shouldn't
    be there as it is sealed. Two of the 3 seals had failed and water was beginning to intrude. A few more rides and we could have wrecked the
    motor as others have experienced.

    Just get the OEM bearings and it is a necessary PM.

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