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    2000 gtx rfi starting issues

    My new to me GTX is having some issues

    It starts right up on the trailer and then in the water it had some issues.

    It was cranking fine but stumbling when it tried to fire up. Eventually it went if you feathered the throttle after a couple of tries. Once warmed up it continued to act in the same way. I changed out the plugs and they seemed slightly fouled but overall not bad.

    With the new plugs it fired up much quicker but 2nd time around it was back to the same old problems.

    What can I check and where should I start? Battery was charged as well, fuel lines seem to have been changed and there are around 15hours on this sbt motor in it.

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    sounds like fuel related,
    remove and earth plug wires, remove injectors and turn motor over to see if injectors are firing leaving the rail connected then check fuel flow at the fuel rail, if no flow but you can hear the pump working you might have clogged filters in the fuel pump

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    I re-gaped the plugs and charged the battery and took it out today. I started up real quick on the trailer and ran fine on the hose. Once at the ramp it was having a touch of trouble starting but was much better then the other day.

    We ran it for about an hour then hit a wake and it kinda just slowly died. Tried to start it back up and had nothing, no started sound no clicks but then tried again and the started slowly turned over and then it sounded normal but wouldn't kick, didn't even sound like it would go.

    Got a tow back and messed with it, checked the plugs and they seemed fine, all the electrical connections I could see were tight and free of water. Tried starting it again and it ran so I took it out no problem getting up to 6800-6900 rpms and came back toward the dock and a similar slow shut down was experienced and then the same starting issues. I messed with the spark plug wires again and it seemed to want to kick over but would die right after.

    I am going to tare down the fuel system tonight but what else should I check?

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