AHMED HAMADE-2009 LB2CAT Post Race Interview

Ahmed is a friend to all and a passionate AWA Socal Watercraft Club member. He and his family enjoy many club outings, and Ahmed encourages others, his family and enjoys PWC racing himself. He has one of the most affable spirits you could meet in our community and he is highly respected for his positive attitude' on and off the track'.

Name - Ahmed Hamade
Age - 32
Race Boat Make/# - Seadoo RXT iS / 242
Class - Stock
Time for the race: - 86m 01s
Placing for the Race - 25

Why did you choose the class you raced in and what does it mean to you?

I chose the Stock class because I was racing my brand new RXT iS. I wanted to see how the ski would perform in race conditions.

Racing in this class is fantastic because it helps level the playing field, it becomes more about the racer then the ski

Your position as best you could determine on the start?

I was midpack at the start of the race. I started towards the left side by Mark Gerner and Carlos Thomas.

What did you do the day before, any preparation?

I spent the day down in Long Beach with my fellow SoCal Watercraft Club family & the PWCOFFSHORE.COM racing team. I BBQ'd for everyone and then spent the rest of the day discussing the race with everyone there. After that I just relaxed.

What were you thinking of the night before?

I could not sleep, I had never done the LB2Cat race before and was very anxious about the race. I did not know how well my ski would hold up due to the last time I took it to Catalina during a training ride it broke down.

Why did you choose the boat you raced?

I wanted to see how well my new Seadoo would hold up during the race. Also I wanted to race in the stock class and my other Seadoo is setup as an Open boat.

What time did you wake up!

I was up at 6:00 AM, I slept at the boat ramp!

Ahmed with friends and family

2 Hours out of the race, what were you doing?

I was putting some new stickers on my ski and going through all my safety gear to make sure I had everything and to make sure it was packed in my front storage compartment correctly.

1 Hour out of the race what were you doing?

I was putting my wetsuit on, applying anti fog to my goggles, and checking over my Seadoo to make sure it was ready.

What was your first thought when you picked your position in the lineup for the start? What were you looking for?

I wanted to be in a direct line with plenty of space around me for the start. I did not want to run the risk of other racers cutting me off or doing the same to them.

As the start went off, and you passed the Angels Gate (harbor mouth) What was going through your mind?

I was like 'wow I am really doing this!' My heart was pounding and I was telling myself to pace myself and stay focused.

Half Way back did you hit a psychological or physical wall? How did you overcome it?

I was in serious pain from my blisters. I could feel they had burst open and it was very difficult to just hold onto the handle bars much less apply the throttle.

I ended up using my middle finger for applying throttle, this allowed my to use my index finger and thumb to hold onto the throttle... the only place I did not have any blisters on my hand.

Any mechanicals failures? How did you deal with it?

None, the ski held up perfectly. Though at the beginning of the race I had a difficult time lowering the suspension on the iS. Seems if your running over a certain speed it does not allow the suspension to be taken out of Auto mode.

Did you have any 'Battles' during the race with other competitors you especially enjoyed?

I battled with Russell Libby for awhile and it was great motivation to push harder, though eventually my blisters were hurting to much and I could not keep the speed up.

Ahmed and Shawn Alladio @ another fun BBQ!


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What advice would you give to recruit other racers to this event?

I would tell them this race is incredibly fun and the sportsmanship is 2nd to none. It does not take much to be competitive in this race and anyone that wants it bad enough has a chance to win this race!
I want to thank RPM and Ross for putting this race together. If not for him we would not have this race and that would be a shame since its by far the most amazing offshore race in the USA!