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    50 Hour Service?

    Just broke the 50 hour mark, post 10 hour service, on my RXT. While reviewing my maintenence schedule it says a 50 hour service is due. Most items are basic but the requirement to lube the driveshaft/impeller splines has me stumped. Is that a required item in the sense that the warranty would be voided if it is not done by the dealer? The reason I ask is the dealers are 2 weeks out and the season to ride is now where I live. I dont want to do or not do anything that would give seadoo an out to void my warranty if there is a component failure. Also, is the required work on all items avilable for me to do without dealer involvement and documentation or would my home service plan give the warrenty folks an opening to say that I did not follow the service rules and that my coverage is now void. Thanks folks I appreciate your guidance with these issues as this is my first but not my last doo.
    ps. can I do the lube myself ie.. is there a nipple to fill or am I going to have to turn some wrenches if it is even really necessary with just another another 30 hours to ride before its put up for the season;

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    I have the same question. I have 68 hours on mine. From what the book said it doesn't appear to be anything to major on the 50 hour but I was hoping one of the experts might lend some advice.

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    This interests me also. Any input anyone?

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    My $.02

    Didn't let my Dealer touch until 100 hr Check-

    Trying to wait season out for 200 hr-( now at 195)

    (Think I have learned more from this forum than my dealer knows total---he gave me wrong wear ring for my ski and was going to charge me $95 to replace it if I took him my pump- told him how I "Froze' mine out-- He went --Huh)

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    Doing your own maintainence will not void warrantee.

    Lubeing the splines of the driveshaft and impeller is easy. No therr is no nipple.

    Remove the Reverse cable from the pump, use a socket wrench and a open ended or box wrench.

    Remove the steering cable, same size nuts as reverse.

    Rmove the OPAS bolt that connects to nozzle.


    Remove the OPAS Hose that connects to the top of the pump.

    Then Reomve the 4 17mm bolts with a 17 mm Deep socket.

    Then Pull! YOu'll see the splines that need to be lubed.

    The hard part is putting it back. It's hard to get the splines to line up. But if you play with it for a few min, you'l get it.

    Takes a little more than 5 min to remove the pump. It's taken me 30 min top put it back! Those damn splines are hard to line up. 2 people would probably make it easier to do.

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