Subject: Avalon Training Ride – August 2, 2009

Sunday Training Ride - Three high performing Seadoo RXT’s and a modified Kawasaki Ultra 250X showed up this morning at Cabrillo to cross the Avalon channel for a little training run. Two of the four riders probably had no clue what was in store for them when we got there as there was no stopping at Avalon for sightseeing, food or fuel. These guys can join us anytime because when we reached Avalon all they asked for was a five minute break.

Two of the riders on the RXT’s have yet to enter a race but on the ride over started to ask the right questions. Like, what do you need, what does it take to race, what to wear, how to enter? I suppose when you leave all those sponsor stickers and race numbers on your PWC you just can’t help but promote the sport or draw attention.

The most obvious question is how do you stay on your ski? Mind you today was a flat water race day out and back. The morning was similar to the Long Beach to Catalina race except without the clear, bright sun shining all around. The second new rider obviously pointed to the hydroturf wedge installed inside of my footwell. So that’s how he does it! (Visit for more details) If you want to stay one with your ski then this is your first level of racer gear that is a must – at least it was this morning.

I’m not going to go down the list but, this morning on the Seadoo I let my guard down (wide open throttle – as I hit a fishing boat wave) on the trip home and “smacked my goggles right across the handlebars. It was a quick recovery without slowing down but, had I not been wearing my Oakley H20 goggles and Fly Helmet I do believe that I would be icing that left eye the rest of the day. Yes folks this is the first time that I’ve ridden this ski in a while. And yes, there is a learning curve (however slightly small) when you switch back from the Kawasaki Ultra to the Seadoo or vice versa. Yes, it was a Seadoo day out there this morning as the Seadoo worked this out of shape rider hard.

I hope the two new riders from Marina Del Rey got about as much out of todays ride as I did. It was also great knowing that I had the fuel advantage thanks to Steve Friebe and Clawsons Motorsports. Steve installed an auxiliary tank that fits in the front compartment of my Seadoo giving me that reassurance that I can ride WOT to Avalon, then Two Harbors, then back home again without any worries of running out of fuel.

Who said this? This hobby is as much an escape than an indulgence in suffering.

Till next time, see you on the water!

“Cowards won’t show and the weak will die”.