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    93 sl650 exhaust leak inside hull

    I think I just found part of the reason my polaris is running kinda weak. I was doing some maintenance today and noticed a bit of exhaust fumes wafting up from around the battery box area.

    my first concern was that it might be electrical but the fumes definitely smell like exhaust.

    however, I have no idea where said fumes are coming from.

    I had a buddy over and we would start the engine and rev it up a few seconds and sure enough fumes would slowly waft up from in between the battery box and the bilge connections to the hull.

    anyone have any ideas where they might be coming from? my gut feeling says it's coming from the hose that runs from the exhaust area to the hull right above the bilge lines, as that would be obvious, but I do not see any splits or tears and I have checked the clamp to make sure it's tight.

    any other ideas?

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    check all the hose clamps on each connection. especially check the rubber hose that betweeb the exhaust pipe and the silencer. that's tear/rip with old age. squeeze it and the tear/rip will show.

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    I am pretty sure it was because I did not have a bilge plug in.


    I think the weak running was due to not enough air getting thrugh the intake, which I just remembered I am fixing with new flame arrestors in Utica.

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    If you need any hoses let me know I'm parting out a 95 650, good luck.

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