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    garmin forerunner waterproof? WTF

    I wear it around my wrist when riding because the manual says its waterproof. It gets splashed all the time and never a problem, although I have never submerged it.

    On Thursday, I left it strapped to the grab bar overnight and it got rained on. Now it doesnt work properly. It wont turn off, it keeps switching screens randomly and yet it wont change screens when you press the mode button, and it keeps beeping and doing other weird shit. Im pretty sure its ruined.

    Im pissed.

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    I have one also, got rained on a few weeks ago, still works fine. Call Garmin, they are supposed to be waterproof, maybe they will fix it or replace it free.

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    I've had mine all summer and its been fine. I agree call garmin and tell them you were out running in the rain and it stopped working.

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    I have 2 that started acting up after being rained on. 1 is dead and the other wigs out. I did not call garmin since they were each a few years old. Let me know what they tell you if you call.

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    will do.

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    wow... the wait time to speak to a live person is 20min.. guess ill be calling back.

    Kirk, If you want to try, its 913 397 8200

    Its too nice of a day to spend on hold with these clowns. Im headed to the beach. LMK if you do call.

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    Mine did the same thing,

    I took out the batteries and let dry real good.Put in new batteries and has worked fine ever since.

    Good Luck

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