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    Angry Yamaha FX 140 need HELP!!!! left me stranded in the ocean

    I bought this ski almost 2 years ago with the 2 year warrantee. They said it had a brand new engine in it. a couple months later I blew the engine and it stranded me in the middle of the lake. They ordered me a new engine and replaced it. again acouple months after I got it back with only 12 hours on the 2nd new engine. The motor shut off on me while me and my brother were out in the ocean. I had done an oil and filter change at 11 hours.
    We were out jumping small waves by the beach for about 30 minutes then when we were headed back to the harbor it just died like i ran out of gas.. i tried to restart it. It was cranking like it had a very weak battery. There was still 3/4 of gas left. My brother towed me back to the docks. I tried to start it out of water, and still was the same as when i tried it in the water, cranking but sounded like the battery was very weak...I got home and replaced the battery and the same...With salt water still in the engine, i blasted fresh water through the engine without the engine on to flush the salt water out. I didnt check the plugs, i just took it to the dealer so they could try to get it started to get all that water out. all they could say is theres water in the piston chamber??? And they said they have to remove the motor to see what is wrong with it and they said since they changed management they have to follow the book and they will charge need to charge me the larbor fees upfront to remove the motor of $1000.00. $$1000.00 just to remove the motor to see if its a warantee issue, if its not warantee then i will have a bill for the repair and the engine replacement.....

    Please help, if anyone knows whats going on or had this happen to their ski please help me and save me some money so i could go get my ski back before they start working on it...come on I paid the $85 just for them to tell me oh theres water in the piston chambers.

    Should I start with changing the spark plugs...IDK im just so fustrated, please help me, I hate being out of the water!!!
    Thank you to all!!!

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    not much help except to say running water through teh engine with it off, especially for any length of time is a big no no! that may have caused some damage by itself.

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