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    2002 genesis txi, has to warm up for 5 min

    i never had to let it warm up this long before. What do you think is going on. If i have it a WOT it will only go 40 mph until it is warmed up then it tops out at 60. also once it get warm it still will stall at low rpms.

    Can i adjust the idel?

    I was also thinking maybe oil/fuel mixture, or even spark.

    What do you guys think?

    Thank Jeff

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    Is this a fuel injected Genesis i, or a Virage TXi?

    When it is cold you do not have full RPM, but when it is warm it won't idle - correct?

    Do you have a second Polaris on hand?

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    It's a genesis i. Your correct. I do have a second one that I can compair with

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    I think the first place to look is the TPS. The Throttle Position sensor is mounted on the rear end of the throttle body.

    If your two Genesis i are of similar model years, you should be able to swap the TPS between the two. See if the problem moves with the TPS.

    Do not over tighten the TPS bolts, and make sure the little spring is in the correct position.

    I typically recommend buying a new TPS anyway. It is good to have a spare TPS on hand, as they do eventually fail over time.

    Another check you can do, when the machine is warmed up and will not idle. Shut it down, unplug the three pin TPS plug, and re-start the engine.

    See if it now idles properly (1150RPM, in or out of the water). If it idles with TPS unplugged, and does not idle with TPS plugged in, replace the TPS.

    Click here for some more tips related to the Ficht fuel injected machines, and the Ficht engines.
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