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    1995 Raider 1100 - Where is this water coming from?

    So, I have noticed that after riding for several hours in a day that a lot of times my ski can have (upwards of) a couple of inches of water in the hull (inside). After it starts to get this much water in it, the ski becomes pretty unstable when trying to get back on it while in the water, and also less stable while riding.

    Is it normal to get that much water in the hull? I will admit that the way I ride sometimes does get water going over the ski, but I wouldn't think that this would cause so much water to build up in the hull. Do I need to maybe get a faster bilge pump? Or is there possibly a leak somewhere that I need to track down?

    Thanks for any/ALL help!!

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    Mine was drain plug failure, but I've seen the experienced guys on here talk about making sure your bilge hose extends into the nozzle correctly to make sure the siphon/suction process is working. If it isn't in there right it will not only let water in, it won't pull it out very well if at all. You could have a clogged bilge strainer. Someone else more qualified than I am will no doubt jump in here with some things to look for - but there are already some helpful threads out there if you search.

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    I would dump red food color into the hull after you fill the bottom of it with about 3" of water and you will tell quickly if you have a leak on your rear hull inserts etc.


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