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    GH Stupid Award of the Day

    This thread is for giving yourself the "GH Stupid Award of the Day"

    We all do it,And we know others would enjoy reading about it. Plus it helps you not feel so bad knowing others do as stupid of things as you.Pictures make it better!
    So with that,I'll take it for yesterday.

    I was needing to cut down a set of sponsons........
    So what better to do it with then the Chop saw sitting out already. The chop saw did a great job of melting right thru the plastic.

    So without thinking,I reached down to grab the Goober that had melted and pull it off...Holy son of a &[email protected]#

    Now I have molting plastic stuck to my pointed finger and thumb.

    First reaction,Shake hand to get it off,Opps,not working
    Second reaction,Grab it with other hand and remove.....but wait,that would burn the other fingers......Spit on it, OK, Spit missed, Grab it dummy it burns,So I grabbed it with the other fingers,yes it was hot,but not as bad because of all the waying of the hand the plastic was on.

    So now I have 2 burnt fingers that are blistered and alot of work still to do before leaving for the Get together.
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    When I was about 5y/o I thought it would be fun to poke at all the hot melt glue on the table during arts and crafts time. Third glob I poked was fresh and burnt the shit out of me. Next day I was running through the back yard where my uncle had been building a tree fort. I tripped and had a nail go through the palm of the same hand. Fun times.

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    OUCH! That looks bad

    Time to break out the ducktape

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    LMAO! I was just getting ready to say that! Duck it!

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    Kinda like the guy who burnt both ears with a iron when the phone rang. The doctor said "I see how you burnt one ear, but how did you burn the other ear?", the guy replies "I needed to call my brother for help".

    Kinda lame but your situation made me think of it. OUCH!!

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    not gonna lie- when i scrolled down to the pics it looked like a penis

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    almost a year now since I tried to unintentionally sink myself to the bottom of the pacific. I had just finished installing my stage 1ish to my 07 rxp 215. everything was installed per instructions and some helpful tips from the gh family. of course cuts and bruises came from the work which is expected in such tight quarters. one thing that I had problems with was the black hose that came from the pump and went to the stock intercooler. after yanking to pull it off and cussing to put it back on I somehow figured b*itch is on that tight must not need metal clamp to hold it there. well weeks go by and no riding time on it. my riding partner is my pops who has same ski but no mods. I decide to just take it to the dock on a warm day to water test it....alone. (pops gotta work) while in contact with him; him knowing it ain't smart to go out on your own, I phone him everything looks and sounds great! pops can I take quick ride? ugh I guess son. well off I go. almost to far break wall in long beach harbor I get high temp alarm. freaks me out I shut it off. thinking its a 'glitch' I start it up and take off again. get the temp alarm again immediately shut her down. pop off the seat and I've got water up to engine. OH CHIT im sinking! try making phone call but no luck. give a few to cool then high tail it back towards the harbour. right at the mouth of the harbor limp mode kicks in so I ride thewaves in about 50 feet into the mouth of the harbor then climb onto rocks with boat on a leash with waves beating it up against the rocks. after half an hour trying to get help I finally get ahold of the lifeguards cause vessel assist don't work near rocks and they come to save me. yay! well damage was about a million scratches nothing to bad just a lot of work on our backs. no real damage and since intake was on real tight no water into sc thank god. and yes everything now has a clamp on it. my cause to this besides being stupid was the hose popped off from pump pressure which lead to me basically pumping water INTO the ski lol. oh and no bilge pump at the time either lol. yeah I learned. I take stupid of last year

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    Ouch, that sucks.
    You must be dedicated to providing us with entertainment if you could come on here shortly after and type your story.

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    Ever lite yourself on fire welding and not notice? Ill look and see if I still have the pants when I get home...

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