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    Another question for Tampa area riders.....

    Thanks for all the info guys on my other post.

    Any one know of places I can park my jet ski in the South Tampa, near the stadium or in the area over Courtney Campbell?

    I want to move to this amazing condo, it has a garage and I have a 1989 vette and I have been on a mission to find a garage for it. Problem is they don't allow any trailer parking. I have found a couple of options $100 a month is crazy to park a small trailer. I found one place for $55 with 2nd month free. I can't find any places other than the 3 I found. I like to explore all options before making my decision. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Leave the pos chevy in the driveway and put the ski in the garage ...

    But seriously... check into a small enclosed storage facility, doesn't need to be air conditioned or anything.

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