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    Novi 48/General am Carb Install Questions

    1. If I am using spacers with oulse fittings to get my additional pulse fittings for the extra fuel pumps, do they have to be mounted with the pulse fitting on top? I would have a much easier time routing with out sharp bends if they were on the bottom.

    2. What's the best way to cold start now? There's obviously no choke, and I don't have a primer system (so I can use stock oil injection). Just spray in a little bit of starting fluid first?

    Your assistance is appreciated.

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    Do your carbs have pumps on them or are you going to run external pumps? If running external pumps what type and how many? Mine are pointed up since I felt that if pointed down the fuel oil mix could run down to the fuel pump diaphrams. On my single pipe setup I used 2 mikuni pentagon pumps glued to the hull under the carbs. I still run the 2 mikunis but had to move them up under the glove box when I went with tripples.

    For cold starting you need to add aprimer. You can do it with a single carb kit just drill a hole in the f/a for the #1 carb and glue the barb fitting in. The plunger type pump is the same size as the hole where your choke knob is now. You can take out the choke parts and mount it there or fab a bracket and mount it somewhere in the engine compartment.

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    If you dont want to add aprimer you can take the flame arrestor off and put your hand over the carb and turn it over till it fires ...then remove hand and start it and run it for a few seconds to make sure all carbs have fuel back in them.

    Or if thats not your cup off tea a primer is your best bet.

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    3 carb mounted fuel pumps.

    Just T off of one of the fuel lines from the tank for the primer?

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    T into the return line for the primer. Are you going with a tripple fuel pickup?

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    Did not go with the triple pick up. I've been kind of rushed on time to get this done with work. I just extended the reserve line, so now I have dual pick up to triple pumps.

    It isn't abundantly clear to me how to go to a triple fuel pick up system using the stock fuel sending unit. Do you have to drill out the fuel gauge? Or do you steal the vent tube and put another vent line somewhere else on the tank. Ultimately, I would have liked to have triple pick ups to correspond with the 3 fuel pumps.

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