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    oil mix ratio waveraider 1100?

    I converted my waveraider 1100 to premix now and I want to know what is this right oil mix ratio with the stock jetting still in it. Also has anyone had experience with the 10% ethanol fuel? All the fuel here is 10% so I am wondering should I just go ahead and bump it up a jet up top?

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    If it's it 50:1 ..

    If it's modded 40:1 ..

    Tach the ski with full fuel and riding 2 up and make sure you don't have any decline in RPM with it gaining it

    6900--- 6910--6890---6920---6900---6910

    if you see constant decline then let off or you will seize it up....and then try opening up the needles until you can get peak RPM without a decline then I woud richen it up maybe 1/8 turn just for safety!


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