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    PICS of Factory Spec 2 pipe on 96 XP, need help routing ECWI and coolant hoses

    I recently bought a FACTORY SPEC 2 pipe and dont really know whats going on with all the fittings mounted on it as it was setup differently than the typical factory pipe recommendations.

    This pipe has two spray fittings, one near the top of the pipe where it connects to the manifold and one near the bottom where it connects to the chamber. It has also been tapped into the water jackets at the top and has one more fitting near the bottom.

    Does anybody have any pictures of how they run their factory spec 2 pipes on 787 engine with ECWI and perhaps any other details.

    The factory website has very limited instructions and just confused me.

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    Just email factory pipe or give them a call. I just brought a used Factory Pipe and they help out a great deal and sent me all the missing hardware I needed.

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    why not just go to their website and download the PDF directions?

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