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    can anyone make it work??

    i bought an '01 polaris virage tx about a year ago, ran well when i got it, very low hours. since then it has had its hiccups but now it is not working at all. after a couple rides it just shut down on me. it shows no signs of power at all. the display won't work and the engine won't turn over at all. i know the battery is not the problem and i've had the ski looked at multiple times to try and get this problem solved but no luck. i believe all the wiring is in good condition, nothing loose, and i just replaced the fuse today with no improvement. PLEASE HELP! thx


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    Welcome,Is it a TX or TXI? 2 cylinder (700) or 3 cylinder (1200) carbed or fuel injected?

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    Sounds like a grounding problem, but could be in the 12 volt positiove power wires.

    Remove and clean both ends of both heavy battery cables.

    Pay special attention to the engine block connection. Make sure the bolt is clean, and there is solid, clean metal to metal contact with the cable end. Check the cable ends for corrosion or looseness.

    The check inside the electrical box. Should be clean and dry inside. No corrosion on any terminals, all wires tight and clean.

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