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    error code P-1520 anyone?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm getting the error code P-1520 on 07 RXP. Alarm tone is steady and in limp mode. I did go to and I can't find P-1520.

    Any would be great.

    Thanks again,

    07 RXP/RXT

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    Appears to be some sort of oil problem.

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    Hi Beerdart,

    Thanks for the reply. I did read the thread link you suggested but it really wasn't too helpful as it didn't actually define the error code.

    Any more info possibly? I'm a real dumb ass sorry guys.


    07 RXP/RXT

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    scottyj, have you had any work done on the motor? If so mine did same thing after dealer replaced motor. Seems they overtightened the valve seat sleave on the oil pump. If no work done on motor then I dont know.....sorry.

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    Nope no recent motor work. Jerry thinks the Oli Pressure sensor which we recently replaced. Could be faulty possibly. Or the mechanical also thinks possibly the harness giving me the problem.

    We'll run the process of elimination and hopefully solve this one.

    I'll report back afterwards.

    Thanks again,

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    i have the same code popping up, i know im losing oil somewhere but cant pin point it got a mechanic looking at it this week hopefully its nothing major

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    Yea its ow oil pressure i work at a dealership and saw tht code on a customer ski two days ago. Its for sure low oil pressure

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    It can be either low oil pressure or bad sensor ... there was a batch of bad oil sensors too. Another thing ... after having oil sensor issues I noticed the manual specifically states NOT to use dielectric grease on this sensor and others ... make sure you do NOT use dielectric grease and clean the electrical connections carefully. If you still get the code with the old and new sensor, then you can double check the oil pressure too.

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