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    Question ...water in muffler...

    I have a 1996 sl700 I am some what mecanicly inclined, I am a GM Master Tech. But this is my first jet ski that i have worked on. DONT KNOW ALOT ABOUT JET SKIS.. I put a Garden hose on the water intake hose and put water pressure into it started and run for less than a minute. Checked things over found about a cup of water in the muffler, is this normal,was it because of the water pressure from the hose, or is there something wrong.

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    The cooling cycle is not a closed loop like a car. The water actually goes out the exhaust.

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    Remember to turn on motor first then turn water on

    Then turn water off and the the motor last.

    Engine must always be running when running the water hose through the motor.

    This procedure allows water "Not To" enter the motor and cause damage.

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    Here download a manual for it

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    Yes, water in the muffler is normal. I want to be sure you understand, if you run the ski on the hose, be sure you start the motor first, then turn on the water; when you're finished, turn off the water, before you stop the engine.

    If the motor stalls, turn off the water quick! The problem is water can back up through the exhaust and fill your cylinders, if the motor isn't running.

    Also, if you're only running the ski for less than a minute, you don't even need the hose. Just touch the exhaust couplers/rubber hoses, don't let them get very hot.

    And you shouldn't run the ski more than a minute or two in any case, as the pump and driveshaft bearings will overheat, as they're not cooled unless they're in the water anyways.

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    thanx for the info very helpfull...

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