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    Question 1999 carb genesis will not start

    With the lanyard off it WILL turn over but, with it off it will not turn over. any help here. Thanks

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    Please clarify the symptoms;
    Lanyard in - crank or no crank?
    Lanyard removed - crank or no crank?

    If it what I think it is, there is a problem with the grounding of something in the electrical system.

    Open up the electrical box (your 1999 model may have two electrical boxes, in different places in the hull).

    Check all the Black wires. Make sure the black wires, and the grounding bar inside the box, measures zero ohms to the engine block.

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    Exact same issue

    I just posted the same exact issue. When lanyard is not connected it cranks like mad but as soon as I connect the lanyard it will not crank. Weird 2 having same issue same day.

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