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Thread: XL 1200 rebuild

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    XL 1200 rebuild

    I am looking at a 1998 XL 1200 with a blown motor.
    It is in really goof condition.
    I can get it really cheap.
    I know some about motors and I am mechanically inclined.
    I would like to maybe make it a winter project.
    It would be fun for my father in law and I.
    I never worked on skis before though.
    My big question is, how do you work in such a small space? Aparently I have to pull the motor. Is there a trick, or am I missing something?
    OR, am I getting in over my head?
    Does anyone have any pointers?
    I have been out of the ski worl for a few years and I am getting back into it.
    This would really give me a nice experience, bringing a ski back to life!

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    Hey WoJo, welcome to the Forum!! I have a 98 XL1200, completely stock with 143 hours on it now. I bought it at the beginning of summer and it has been a great ride! This past winter I purchased a "project" '95 Polaris SL750. Folks before me had attempted a top-end rebuild and got lost about half way through. I picked up the ski and parts for $500, put another $300 in parts and turned out with a great ski. Point is, this was my first experience with a 2-stroke engine rebuild. I pulled the motor from the hull, cleaned out the hull, replaced all fuel lines, did the rings on the pistons (sleeves, rods, and crank were all good), put all new gaskets, rebuilt the carbs, and installed a block-off plate for pre-mix fuel. When I had questions, I posted on the website and got great advice from the other members. I would recommend taking on the project if the price is right, if you know what the problem is with the current ski, and you want to have some fun over the winter!! Let me now how it goes.

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    Only thing to watch is how much you want to spend, and can it be achieved within your budget? Older ski's are easier to work on with regards to being a bit less technical (carbs as opposed to Injection etc) but can be a pain with stripped threads etc. Also, you don't want to invest big money in an older ski if you could get a newer one for the same outlay! End of the day, it's nice to do a rebuild yourself, and get first hand knowledge of how it all works, and all the guys on G/H will help with ANY help you need, no matter how stupid the question seems!

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    The space they give us to work on our skis is ridicilous, wonder why they cost so much to fix lol

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    Did you buy the ski?

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    no, not yet. It is still for sale!
    I am looking at a few.
    One is a 2001 polaris virage tx. It runs good, but it has a hole in the haul.??

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