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    Got smoked yesterday...

    Yesterday I was tearing up and down SML with a beginner RXT driver tagging along....jumping wakes made by a couple of big'ns coming and going from the Yacht Club...having a good time...noticed we were down to a couple bars of fuel each and decided for a trip to the state park for a speed run in calm all the way to the back...turned...asked "ready?" the nod I hit it...I stole a two boat head a 100'-150' we were even...then she just pulled away from me.

    It sucked...beat...badly...on my own a 125lb, 14yo female.

    Yeah, my daughter's first day driving solo...she ain't skeered.

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    What type of ski was you riding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GPR/STX-15F/RXT
    What type of ski was you riding?
    We got a coupla RXT's...I had the green one.

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