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    98 zxi1100 issue

    the ski will run well for a few minutes full throttle etc etc but then it will just die and when i go to start it right back up it wont even turn over at all, (like the battery is dead) then a few minutes later it will start right back up and ride good for a short period of time then die again. it will keep doing this over and over again. i put a brand new battery in it and it still does it. im thinking it is the stator, like the battery is not charging and just keeps draining out and dieing. any advice? if it is the stator how hard is it to swap in one? big pain in the ass? or doable?

    thx guys. tony

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    ps its not the stator,if it dies and wont crank,itcould be seizing up due to plugged cooling line,then after it cools piston shrinks and it runs again, check your compression,and the spark plugs,they should be light black to dark brown, not white or silver coated(aluminum dust from piston),OR it could be a loose connection or fuse,but when you say it does it over and over,runs few minutes and dies ,do the lights come on,or is panel dead??if panel has lights come on its probably seizing,just check your compression ,all 3 should be the same or within 5psi of each otherJMHO>Marvin

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    If my memory is correct the lights go out. but im not sure. i will look into the things u said tho thx.

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